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Our Mission

At IC Solar, we’re more than just an electricity provider; we’re committed to improving your life. Exceptional customer service is at the heart of what we do. Our goal is to change lives and communities through personalized and innovative energy solutions.

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We’re not just about providing power; we’re dedicated to empowering people and businesses dealing with power outages. Every day, we’re driven by the chance to truly impact lives. It’s more than just a job to us; it’s a commitment to offering hope and support amidst national grid issues.

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Relationships Over Products

We prioritize you over products, emphasizing innovation and clear communication, placing relationships as our top priority. Our dedication goes beyond installing products; it involves comprehending your specific requirements and creating tailored solutions. We aim for enduring relationships and solutions, not just one-time transactions.

Prioritizing Your Peace of Mind

We put quality first. We ensure your peace of mind by installing top-quality, reliable products built to last. Genuine customer care starts with offering enduring products.

More Than Just Solar

We’re broadening our services to provide more alternative energy options. We’ve recently introduced Air Conditioners and Solar Geysers, and we’re working on adding gas solutions. Our aim is to help you with all your sustainable and dependable energy needs.

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Ongoing Support

We don’t just stop at the initial installation; we’re committed to ongoing support. We take pride in optimizing and upgrading systems. If you face safety issues with systems installed by other companies, we promptly fix them. Our proactive approach demonstrates our commitment to a lasting partnership that puts your needs and safety first.

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